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Maintenance Technician

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Job Description


1. Productivity (MH/Ton)

2. Repair Dollars ($/Ton)

3. Repair Materials ($/Ton)

4. AOR Reliability

5.     PM/PD Completion

6. Safely produce quality products at the right rate and right time, using Nestle Continuous Excellence (NCE) processes and tools.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:                            

1. Electrical Skills/Knowledge Requirements:

a. Assembles, installs, tests, and repairs motor controls of all kinds such as

 starters, stop and start buttons, relays, timers, panels, circuit  breakers, transformers

b. Assembles, installs, tests, and repairs, all such lighting fixtures and apparatus as is

 used in the plant.

c. Have the ability to layout and sketch all types of circuits as used in assigned


d. Install and connect all types of wiring, conduit and apparatus.

e. Ability to trouble-shoot electrical controls (motor circuits, process or

 packaging machinery, and programmable controllers) using drawings,

 documentation, and required tools such as computers, volt-meters,

 oscilloscopes, process simulators, calibrators, etc.

f. Capable of restoring the stored back-up program to a failed programmable

 controller, Basic module, operator interface (such as  

 TCP SmartScreens), or any other programmable device for process or

 packaging in use at our facility.

g. Be able to trouble-shoot, repair, and calibrate scale systems.

h. Ability to interpret and develop ladder logic diagrams.

i. Ability to modify and test programmable logic controller program changes.

j. Ability to safely maintain and understand all plant voltage applications

2. Mechanical Skills/Knowledge Requirements:

a. Be able to lay out, fabricate and install from drawings all types of

 mechanical equipment as required; such as conveyors, legs, spouts,

 bins, cat walks, mill, and packaging equipment.

b. Be able to trouble-shoot and repair all mechanical systems in the assigned


c. Be proficient in the repair and maintenance of all types of motors & reducers

 used in the assigned area.

d. Be capable in sheet metal layout and fabrication such as, squares to rounds,

 square back elbows, spouting, etc.

e. Repair and maintain shop equipment such as welders, band saw,

 metal break, milling machines, lathe, etc.

f. Ability to safely maintain and repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

3. General duties and requirements include:

a. Be able to perform the essential functions of the job.

b. Maintain own tools and equipment -- see Tool List.

c. Be able to direct and help train Maintenance Technicians.

d. Use a high degree of initiative and ingenuity in all jobs and at all times

 must work with the highest standards of safety & sanitation.

e. Be able to use all hand tools necessary to the trade and have a working

 knowledge of the materials in the work area and their applications.

f. Be willing to continue education and training as necessary to keep up with

 the changes in pet food technology.

g. Perform installation and repairs in an efficient and professional manner.

h. Have a complete understanding of the plant's utilities.

i. Be able to pass a written examination or demonstrate proficiency regarding

 these qualifications.

j. Knows and uses efficiently:  ammeters, volt meters, ohmmeters, and other

 electrical testing equipment.

k. Ability to identify and isolate energy sources as required by the lock out tag

 out program.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (List job duties which may be important to the performance of the job, but are not principal job functions).

1. CD ROM courses ; OJT Log Book; continue education/training

2. Must be able to comply with all safety and sanitation requirements.

3. Must be able to effectively communicate both verbally and in written format.

4. Other duties as required by Team Leader.

5. Must progress through the maintenance progression plan to class A within the allotted time as specified in the plan                                    

6.    CMMS - look up parts and print out work orders

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a history of good work attendance, good communication skills, the ability to work well with others, and the willingness to work overtime, weekends, and holidays.


Education: High School diploma or equivalent

Experience (Years/Type) 2 Year Technical school or Minimum of three (3) years maintenance related experience and mechanical/electrical experience.


Job: Maintenance Technician
Primary Location: Mechanicsburg, PA US
Other Location:
Career Area: Hourly
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